Extremely Slow Erasing Recordings

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Extremely Slow Erasing Recordings

Post by Gnomad »

One of my PVR150 boxes is EXTREMELY slow erasing recordings.
I doesnt matter which External HDD i am using, I have several.
It takes about 20 minutes to delete 5 minutes of recording.

It is also slow opening the folder that holds all the shows.
It takes about 10 minutes after clicking the PVR button,
before I see the files.

Any ideas?

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Re: Extremely Slow Erasing Recordings

Post by ColdCase »

Sounds like the disk file system may be corrupted, but that should affect all your PVRs. Are you moving the cable with the HD? If not, try a different cable.

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Re: Extremely Slow Erasing Recordings

Post by antineutron »

Do the recordings themselves play back properly?

How are they for pixelation, frame rate, and audio?

How large are your hard drives and other recording media?

Were they formatted with the pvr or with your computer? Are you using NTFS?

Do videos recorded on the problem pvr play back and delete more quickly on other devices (pvr or computer)?

Is your pvr still on warranty?

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Re: Extremely Slow Erasing Recordings

Post by dave2x »

Gnomad wrote:One of my PVR150 boxes
If by that you mean that only one of multiple Homeworx boxes you use is acting up, then I'd try the firmware upgrade to see if that helps after first trying a factory reset. Then if still not better I'd request an rma.

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