180STB timer improvements

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180STB timer improvements

Postby daveota » June 24th, 2016, 2:06 pm

Brought the 180STB box as moving from cable to streaming, but would like to retain my local news channels.

Like the 180STB as a whole as it is able to record stuff and so far handles channel transmission issues without locking up (which my RCA ATSC tuner does).

However, need some improvements to the timer-PVR S/W. (Don't know who you paid to make the S/W but they are poor designers, considering PVR's have been out for many years some basics are missing from the 180).

1) the PVR needs to turn-on 1-2 minutes before an active TIMER action, so as to allow the 189STB to boot up. Otherwise the recording looses approximately 1 minute of show time (for news programs thats the highlights).

2) need to edit TIMER times. I tried edit the of a start-time to minus 1 minute. But the edit didn't work. ie. 20:00 to 19:59 was not accepted.
-- there is a set of defects in this area of PVR that would make the product notably better and appetizing to newer customers if fixed.
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