Hard Drive that YOU use

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Hard Drive that YOU use

Post by eherberg »

I'm in the process of setting up an HW-150PVR for a friend who is moving to an OTA setup. Everything has been working perfectly (even running through his XBox One). Initial setup and testing has been with a 32 GB Sandisk Cruzer and that has been working perfectly. Near instant response when hitting the 'record' button, for example. However, I know that using a flash drive is not a permanent solution. The hard drives I had did not work. A very old 2 TB brick-shaped hard drive had nearly a 30 second delay in responsiveness when hitting 'record', for example, which would be unacceptable in real-world usage. My 3 TB portable usb-powered hard drive did not work at all (as expected). Because my friend lives an hour-and-a-half away from me, I will not be easily accessible for future problems, so I need to pick a hard drive for permanent usage correctly the first time. The only requirement is a reasonable response time for record commands. Size can be as low as 500 GB as not much recording will be done. In fact - larger than 1 TB drives are probably not even recommended due to the time for indexing, I would imagine.

Because I need to guess right the first time - I would like to know what other people are using that gives normal and expected real-world results. Are you using an internal drive in combination with an external enclosure? A particular powered drive? A portable drive with a powered usb hub? This will help me leave them with a good solution with minimal expected problems that would require waiting until I in town again.

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Re: Hard Drive that YOU use

Post by antineutron »

I have used a number of hard drives over the years with my 4 pvrs. Currently, I use mostly 2T USB-powered portable seagate drives, partitioned into three sections each: a 1.3T NTFS, a .5T FAT, and the remainder is MacOS formatted for other media uses.
I also have a number of thumb drives I use on my 4th pvr to swap around as required.

One of my pvrs has trouble with my USB powered 2T drives, so I use one of my desktop 2T Seagates on that one, with the same partitioning.

It is also possible to use a powered USB hub to overcome a pvr's power supply problem.

This also presents the ability to use a large thumb drive and a hard drive, recording quickly with one and later copying to the larger drive for long-term storage.

Just tested startup times on my powered 2T drive on my oldest (problem child) pvr:
The 1.3T NTFS partition started recording in 11 seconds, and the .5T FAT partition (on the same physical drive) started recording in 4 seconds. [edit 2] this compares pretty favorably if you consider how long it took to start the old video tapes to spin up once you popped the blank tape in the VCR. ;)

I attribute the difference in times to the different partition sizes AND the usual sleeping-drive problem.

The recording drive/partition must be manually selected for these exotic configurations from the pvr MENU. ;)
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Re: Hard Drive that YOU use

Post by jorgek »

I use a Seagate 1TB self powered drive. Been working fine for past 2 years.

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Re: Hard Drive that YOU use

Post by mbratch »

I have a Hitachi 250GB 2.5-inch SATA drive in a cheap USB 2.0 drive enclosure I bought on Amazon. Works great. Current draw is 700mA so it is below the maximum that the HW-150PVR requires.

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Re: Hard Drive that YOU use

Post by dave2x »

My Seagate Video 3.5 (formerly Pipeline® HD.2) model ST3500312CS 500GB drive starts to record in about 10 seconds.
I use it in a NexStar NST-D306WS3 Wi-Fi Hard Drive Dock which of course has its own wall wart.

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Re: Hard Drive that YOU use

Post by SevenT »

I went through the whole gamut of trying various sizes of USB flash sticks (32, 64 and finally 64Gb) with unsatisfactory results. I eventually struck lucky when I picked up a NexStar.3 500Gb external HDD (Hard Disc Drive) from my local thrift shop for $9 (see I said I was lucky!) All I had to do was plug it into the mains supply and use a USB cable to connect it to the HomeWorx unit and it worked seamlessly right from the get-go.

500Gb of recording space is much more than I actually need but it gives me tons of wiggle room if I want to record 20+ hours of TV.

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