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Self Diagnostic

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Q1. The enclosure keeps shutting down by itself during setup, is it defective?
A1. This enclosure have build in Power Sync, during setup if you turn on the enclosure without pluging in the USB or eSata cable, the enclosure will think that your computer is turned off, thus it will shut down in 15 seconds. Make sure that your USB or eSata cable is connected to a computer that is ON, and plug the USB or eSata to the enclosure before you turn it on.

Q2. Can not switch from USB to eSata or eSata to USB
A2. Press and hold the interface button on the front of the enclosure, wait for the LED light to switch between USB or eSata (which indicates with mode you are on). If you are switching from USB to eSata mode or eSata to USB, make sure your cable is connected to the enclosure otherwise the enclosure with shut down in 15 seconds as per Q1 on FAQ above.

Q3. I installed Four new hard drives, connected all cables and turned the unit on but no hard drives show on the computer.
A3. When you install new hard drives, make sure you go to "Disk management" under "Computer Management" in your operating system to initialize the hard drive ,create partition and format it. otherwise the new hard drives will not show.

Q4. I have 4 hard drives installed, I connected the enclosure to my computer by eSata, but only 1 hard drive shows up. On USB all 4 hard drives show up no problem, What is wrong?
A4. In order for all 4 hard drives to be detected on eSata. The eSata port on your computer must support port multiplier. You will have to find out from your motherboard or eSata card manufacturer if your eSata port support port multiplier. Most onboard eSata port does not support port multiplier. You may need to add an eSata card.

Q5. This enclosure have been working well for a long time, but recently it been disconnecting or turning off while in use.
A5. If any hard drive in the enclosure have problems or is failing, it will cause problems to the enclosure. Get hard disk sentinel (there is a free trial) Check the SMART INFO and health % on your drives. If enclosure is disconnecting or turning off making it hard to test with Hard disk sentinel, then remove all your hard drives and only insert 1 drive at a time in slot #1 and check with Hard disk sentinel.


1. These are the Power Sync modes:

Blue LED = When PC is turned off, the enclosure will turn off in 15 seconds (when you turn on the PC you will have to turn on the enclosure)
Orange LED = When PC is turned off, the enclosure will go into sleeping mode (When you turn on the PC, the enclosure will turn on automatically)
OFF (No LED) = No Power sync, Enclosure stays on when you turn PC off


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