HW-150PVR issues and suggestions

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HW-150PVR issues and suggestions

Postby luv2rallye » November 15th, 2017, 3:42 pm

HW-150PVR issues and suggestions (I’m running software v5.4.8. BTW thanks for the am/pm option. 24hour military time caused endless wrong time recordings since I can never add/subtract 12 hours correctly):

1) After pressing REC there’s no way to automatically have it stop recording. You have to wait for the program it’s recording to end and then manually stop the recording yourself (which is terrible). It would be nice to set the recording time by successive REC presses (like other recording devices do). Each time REC is pressed another ½ hour is added to the recording time. So for example, if it’s pressed 4 times it shows ½, 1, 1 ½, 2 hours (so the recording time after 4 presses is 2 hours).

2) When a NTFS USB flash drive is inserted the file system is shown incorrectly. Doing “menu, USB, PVR configure, record device” it says c:(USB1), Media type NTFS. However when you do “menu, USB, PVR configure, format” it shows Format Usb1/c, File system FAT32.

3) On timer recordings occasionally it doesn’t record at all – just nothing happens.

4) It doesn’t always see the USB flash drive. Sometimes it says the USB device is removed (or something like that) when a NTFS USB flash drive is already there. Other times it says nothing. It then never records because it thinks there’s no USB device – it even says there’s no USB device in the menu’s “record device”.

5) Sometimes it gets in a mode where it’s EXTREMELY SLOW (>1 minute) to respond to any remote button.

6) Recommend adding an Auto DST function (still also keep the present DST one). When Auto DST is enabled, the time automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time at the proper date/time based on the time zone you’re in so you don’t have to. Other devices have this. When you’ve got a dozen devices with time clocks it’s too inconvenient and time consuming to have to change them all twice a year.

7) When I later put the USB flash drive in my Blu-ray player (which is why I bought the HW-150PVR to record shows on flash), sometimes FF, FR, Next, Previous don’t work on it. Other times they do. And sometimes Next doesn’t work but FF, FR, Previous do. Is this related to any way the USB flash is recorded?

8) Doing timer recording (and standby after setting it up, although I don’t think that matters) misses the first 8-12 seconds of the show. I am setting the start and stop times manually (not using EPG). Example: I set the device to start recording at time T and press standby. At T - :54 it turns on. At T - :38 it tunes to the correct channel. At T - :02 it gives the “Book event time up” message. At T + :09 it times out waiting for a reply to that message and starts recording the program. So it just missed the first 9 seconds of the show waiting for a reply to the “Book event time up” message. Well no one is going to reply since no one is there. It would be better to either not have that message at all (since one can always Stop the recording after it begins if they want) or adjust when the “Book event time up” message timeout ends to coincide with when the program starts.
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