HW180STB issues

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HW180STB issues

Post by Indyharleyguy »

I'm using this to record football games. I have a 128 GB USB drive. It stops for no reason. The thumb drive is not full
Any ideas on how to fix this would be great.

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Re: HW180STB issues

Post by eherberg »

Don't use thumb drives. Only a very select few can maintain the sustained write speed necessary. I use a 2.5" 320 GB hard drive. The lower size gives response time that is close to flash drive - but without the write speed problems that come with flash drives

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Re: HW180STB issues

Post by slcasner »

I wonder whether the file format of the thumb drive might be a factor. If it is FAT32, the maximum file size is 4GB which may be exceeded by the duration of a football game. NTFS avoids that limitation. The recorder may be able to use multiple files on a FAT32 filesystem, but perhaps that causes a pause that makes the recording time out. I have been using a SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 64GB thumb drive formatted NTFS to successfully record 1.5-hour programs. But I also tried a PNY 128GB USB 3.0 thumb drive that caused the video to break up and also caused recording to stop. Search "FAT32" on the forum for other threads about the limitations.

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