Improvement on Homeworx 180STB?

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Improvement on Homeworx 180STB?

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I have a Homeworx unit 180STB
Serial # HW180STB1798005 23v11.3
I am a snow bird and go to Florida for four months every year. Our campground offers its own cable system with about 60 channels, some local like ABC, CBS, and NBC along with some channels like Hallmark, western, and etc. Last winter I used a Homeworx 180 and a hard drive to record shows. It worked, sort of, being very primitive. Instead of recording a single show I have to record a time slot like 9:00 -11:00 and it is very confusing. Since then I have figured out how to record a single show but the system is still not what I had hoped for. I have it hooked to my cable directly and it does pick up all 60 channels. When I called different companies they all say the same thing, their system only works with an antenna. I explained my Homeworx works but I want something a little more functional and easier to set up. They told me their system won’t work.
Im am looking for something better than my system, something a bit more advanced. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Improvement on Homeworx 180STB?

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To get something better you're going to have to spend a good deal more, think $300 - $400 Or a service with a monthly subscription.
Have you checked TiVo? Tivo is around $200 but will cost around $15.00 a month for non-broadcast programming

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